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Shri JitAmitraru, [believed by the tradition as] having Rudramsha, incarnated in a village Shivapura in Shahpur taluk in Yadgir district. and later on vanished in the Krishna river near the confluence of the Krishna river and Bima river, by reappearing as Gonada tree in a small isle of Krishna River.

A sattvik natured Brahmin couple took up farming profession as land-lord and lived in Shivapura of ShahapUra taluk of Yadgir district. A few years passed by after a female child was born to this couple of Vishvamitra gotra. Desirous to have a son, this couple purified their body with Payovrata and worshipped Shri Hari Vayu Gurugalu with great devotion. Pleased with their service, Lord Shri Hari told MukhyaprANa to instruct Rudradeva, the best of the Viashnavas, to incarnate as the son of the land-lord of Shivapura on earth and uplift the good with the spread of right knowledge. MukhyaprANa instructed Rudradeva as per the command of Shri hari. Rudradeva descended to earth in one amsha, came to Shivapura, suited for his activities of incarnation, and incarnated in the house of the land-lord of Shivapura at an auspicious moment. The blessed couple were thrilled to beget a son and their joy knew no bounds. The father, who was freed from the debt of the pitR^is, took a sacred bath and expressed his joy by giving various gifts to the Brahmins. On an auspicious day the boy was named "Anantappa".

529th Aradhana Celebrations

529th Aradhana of Shri Jitamitrateertharu will be celebrated for 3 days on 12th, 13th and 14th January 2021, grandly at Jitamitra Gadde, Shivpur Taluk, Yadgir District(previously, Gulbarga District). Like every year, this year also Shri 1008 Shri Subudhendrateertharu, Peethadhipati of Shri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt will be in Madhyaradhana Aradhana event and bless the devotees with Phala panchamrutha abhisheka to Jitamitraru and perform Samsthana pooje.


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